Sino Property Services takes the lead in promoting occupational safety First in the sector to offer in-house "Green Card Course"

Sino Property Services (SPS) became the first large-scale private property management company to be recognised by the Labour Department for running its own Construction Industry Safety Training Certificate ("Green Card") Course.

To promote occupational safety, SPS launched the Sino Safety Academy this year, offering staff two practical courses: "Green Card Course" and "42-hour Safety Supervisor Training Course". The former fosters basic occupational safety skills to over 700 frontline staff each year. The latter is an advanced class tailored for engineers and technicians, with a focus on safety awareness in daily work, on-site inspections and training. Two hundred staff from the maintenance division will be trained yearly.

"Occupational safety is an important component of our training programmes. Our frontline people in property management, security, cleaning and parking divisions will join the "Green Card Course" to help them establish safety practices at work and enhance work efficiency. This not only benefits SPS, but also our staff and customers," said Mr Sunny Yeung, Executive Director of Sino Group and head of Sino Property Services.

Mr Tso Sing Hin, Assistant Commissioner (Occupational Safety) of the Labour Department, speaking at the Sino Safety Academy certificate presentation ceremony, said, "Occupational safety means more then abiding by the statuary requirements stated by the law. The mutual understanding and cooperation between employers and employees are crucial to enhance the awareness of occupational safety. We are happy to see the establishment of the Sino Safety Academy, which should help to promote safety practices in the industry."

Apart from the syllabus set by the law, SPS's "Green Card Course" covers tailor-made topics on practical guides in safety for property management, security, cleaning and parking services. The course is free of charge for all SPS staff and the first class was launched on 13 November 2008. Two classes are offered monthly.

All Sino Safety Academy courses are taught by SPS's in-house Safety Manager, Mr Leo Fung, who has over 15 years of training experience in building services, engineering and occupational safety. Mr Fung said, "We are now applying to the Labour Department to offer a "Green Card Renewal Course" next year, providing an easy channel for staff with the Green Card to renew and refresh their safety knowledge."

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