Sino Property Services launches Mission Green Top
Collaboration with Hong Chi Association to develop rooftop gardens in commercial buildings

Sino Property Services (SPS) is a keen partner of the Hong Chi Association. Since November 2008, SPS has worked with Hong Chi Pinehill Integrated Vocational Training Centre (Pinehill) to develop a pilot rooftop garden at Skyline Tower, a Sino Group grade-A commercial building in Kowloon Bay.

To mark the garden's launch today, Mr Sunny Yeung, Executive Director of Sino Group and Head of SPS, said, "Mission Green Top helps to promote a greener environment in offices and skyscrapers, and also provides employment opportunities to people with intellectual disabilities."

Through Mission Green Top, plants and vegetables are cultivated organically in Skyline Tower's rooftop garden, and maintained by Pinehill trainees under the guidance of a tutor.

Mr Cheng Hon-man, a trainee working on this project, has earned considerable job satisfaction through developing the garden. Starting from scratch he has seen the roof garden flourish with many different kinds of plants. He said, "I will work even harder in the future to maintain the garden, and I hope more tenants will visit and enjoy the fruits of the efforts of me and my fellow Pinehill trainees."

Mr Wong Siu Kee, General Manager of Pinehill said, "There is a growing awareness of the many benefits of horticulture and organic gardening. Pinehill will provide more training to our team to meet this demand which will open more employment opportunities to people with intellectual disabilities."

The rooftop garden comprises around 100 pot plants, a production capacity of 20 catties of vegetables, plus 30 large plants. During festive seasons, the tutor and trainees will cultivate seasonal plants, such as poinsettia, to enhance the festive atmosphere. SPS strongly encourages tenants to visit the garden and share their gardening experience with the trainees. There will also be regular sale of the garden's harvest, proceeds of which will go to Hong Chi Association.

Mr Sunny Yeung said, "Skyline Tower garden is the Mission Green Top pilot project. SPS envisages extending this project to other properties in the future."

~ End ~