46 Sino Group properties join the government's carbon audit guidelines

Forty-six Sino properties are applying the Environment Bureau's newly launched guidelines for carbon auditing to calculate the amount of greenhouse gas emitted by the buildings' operations . As one of the first 37 "Carbon AuditGreen Partners" taking the lead to support the campaign, Sino Group pledges to initiate comprehensive carbon reduction programmes to its properties during the coming year.

As a leading Hong Kong developer and property management company, Sino is a keen supporter of various green projects launched by the government. For example, over 30 Sino residential properties were awarded in EPD's Programme on Source Separation of Domestic Waste, and over 100 certificates were granted by EMSD for the Hong Kong Energy Efficiency Registration Scheme for Buildings.

"With the government's new carbon audit guidelines in place, firms in the industry can share and exchange ideas with each other about various green policies and their successes, and encourage improvement and innovations in green management," said Mr. Sunny Yeung, Executive Director of Sino Group and head of Sino Property Services."

Sino has implemented numerous green measures in building and managing its portfolio. Skyline Tower in East Kowloon, a pioneer in Sino's green management, is also the experimental site for the new carbon audit guidelines. A range of energy-saving equipment has been installed to reduce the building"s carbon emissions. These include a water-cooled chiller system that saves 35% of electricity consumption compared with air-cooled systems, the use of LED lights in EXIT light boxes to save 85% energy compared with traditional fluorescent ones, and shower water taps that save 15% of water consumption.

"To reduce the carbon emission further, we will bring in various new measures including the installation of a new automatic condenser tube-cleaning system that will complement the water-cooled chiller system, in hopes of cutting the carbon emission by another 5%," Mr Yeung added.

"There are minimal costs attached to applying the new carbon guidelines for Sino. With a Green Audit Committee made up of senior management and qualified engineers, we have always researched and monitored energy efficiency. In fact, no extra workers are hired for the auditing tasks and with the figures collected from the carbon audit, we can understand our energy consumption patterns better, thus helping our engineers to formulate more comprehensive energy saving plans," Mr. Yeung further commented.

Applying the carbon audit guidelines to 46 properties is only Sino's first phase of participation. Sino is planning to apply the guidelines to all 180 properties in the coming two to three years.

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