Sino Green Academy graduates the first 100 Green Ambassadors who will promote green management with full force

Sino Property Services (SPS) is very much committed to promoting environmentally friendly practices. Today, one hundred SPS managers qualified as Green Ambassadors after completing the Sino Green Academy's comprehensive 10-hour green management course. They accepted their mission to promote green management and awareness to the public, and throughout the 180 Sino managed properties.

"This initiative is fully supported by Environmental Protection Department (EPD) and Electrical & Mechanical Services Department (EMSD). EPD and EMSD officers and engineers helped design the curriculum of the course and lectured the Green Ambassadors about the latest environmental strategy and how best to apply and implement various initiatives in every individual property under Sino management," said Mr. Sunny Yeung, Associate Director of Sino Group and Head of SPS.

The Sino Green Academy focuses on two major green issues – waste reduction and energy saving. EPD officers discussed waste reduction topics such as the current local waste treatment system and waste reduction policies. They shared green property management case studies to strengthen the Green Ambassadors' practical knowledge.

"Sino is an avid supporter of the EPD source separation of waste programmes. We appreciate their continuous effort in promoting green living. The Sino Green Academy helps to coach the Green Ambassadors through carefully designed topics about waste treatment that enables them to show their customers how to be more green," said Dr Michael Chiu, Deputy Director of EPD.

To promote energy saving, an EMSD senior engineer discussed technical standards and how various facilities can achieve energy efficiency. The Green Ambassadors also learned about newly launched accreditations and energy saving programmes, to better understand energy usage and how to reduce it in their properties.

"Over 100 Hong Kong Energy Efficiency Registration Scheme for Buildings certificates have been awarded to 70 Sino managed properties. Through the Green Academy, we hope to organize even more energy saving programmes in future," said Mr Stephen Chan, Deputy Director of EMSD.

The Sino Green Academy was launched in late May 2008 with 100 selected managers from the property, engineering and maintenance sectors who participated in the intensive training.

"Participants are divided into three categories: industrial, commercial and residential, according to the building type they manage. Small groups in each category design green management plans specifically for their managed properties for assessment in the programme. The best projects that demonstrate the most effective environmental practices will be launched at selected properties. Should these trials prove to be successful, SPS will apply these practical measures in other Sino properties," said Mr Yeung.

SPS is hoping to eventually extend the Sino Green Academy to tenants and customers.

"Our 100 Green Ambassadors are planning to organize various seminars similar to that of the Sino Green Academy for families who are residing in Sino properties so that they can become more aware of environmental friendliness. Our objective is to bring the green message to both our tenants and residents loud and clear," said Mr. Yeung.

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