Sino volunteers offer one thousand hearty rice dumplings to the elderly prior to the Dragon Boat Festival

Sino Volunteer Team visited the Hong Kong Christian Service's Wan Hon Multi-service Elderly Centre today and offered one thousand healthy rice dumplings that were tailor-made by the Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel to the elderly living in the neighborhood.

Sino Volunteer Team is not just a team exclusively for Sino staff but their friends and family as well.

"This is my first time offering rice dumplings to the elderly and I feel great to be able to do something for them. I"ve just hugged a few elderly at the center and wished them all well. I look forward to joining more of similar opportunities with Sino in the future," said Cherry Nip, 9 years old, daughter of Fennie Chan, a frequent Sino volunteer.

"I have been with Sino"s Volunteer Team for 3 years. I find doing volunteering work does not just give me much pleasure but also a great opportunity to meet other colleagues within the Group whom I do not know. Through taking my daughter to these volunteering activities, I hope she"ll learn to realize the importance of sharing , especially for those in need "said Fennie.

Sino Volunteer Team has been serving the community since it was established in 2002. Various programs about caring for elderly in the past included repainting metal gates prior to the Lunar New Year, celebrating the Mid-Autumn festival with mooncakes and songs and games, and helping the relocation of elderly in old districts reconstruction program.

It was a visit filled with love, fun and laughter as other highlights included games and mini performances to celebrate the festival with the elderly.

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