Sino introduces solar and wind-generated power for energy conservation to three properties

Sino Property Services is introducing solar and wind energy systems to three of its managed properties, namely Pacific Palisades, Skyline Tower and Futura Plaza.

The electricity generated will be used to power the lighting system, street lamps, garden lights and electronic LED notice boards. Should the trials prove to be successful, Sino Property Services will further implement solar and wind energy systems in other Sino properties.

Mr. Sunny Yeung, Director & General Manager of SEML said at the "Go Green Waste Less" Press presentation, "Different types of properties have different renewable energy needs. We have selected one from each property type: residential (Pacific Palisades), commercial (Skyline Tower and Futura Plaza) to learn what is needed in order to secure conservation benefits are obtained before implementing to other properties."

Pacific Palisades, one of Sino Group's prime residential properties, is located in North Point's mid-level at which it helps the operation of the energy system. At the initial stage, a 1.5 x 1.5m solar panel and a marine wind turbine are installed, which enable to generate 36 watts per hour for the property's electricity needs.

During the day, solar energy is absorbed and stored by the solar panel installed on the building's rooftop. After sunset, the wind speeds reaching an average of 10 or more knots drive the wind turbine. The system will produce an estimated of 1,080 watts per day in which it will help power public lighting facilities on the property. In addition, 10 solar powered light poles will be installed to replace some of the traditional street lamps along the walls of the property, with an estimated savings around 14,400 watts per day.

A wind turbine has also been installed to harvest the considerable airflow discharged from the Pacific Palisades carpark ventilation system. The electricity generated from this will power a planter lighting system.

Skyline Tower, a Grade A commercial building located in Kowloon Bay has installed the Wind & Solar Energy System with five sets of 1.5m x 1m solar panels and a 1.7m high wind turbine in the podium garden on the 9th floor of the building.

The system generates about 1,400 watts daily, which will power 50 LED lights in the building"s flowerbeds. Meanwhile, a solar panel in nearby Futura Plaza will power an electronic LED notice board.

Apart from introducing renewable energy, Sino Property Services will continue its enthusiastic support of the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) by promoting further green initiatives. These include joining hands with Friends of The Earth, World Vision and Hong Kong Christian Service etc to launch a series of waste reduction programmes.

"Chinese New Year Recycle Campaign" will kick-off this year. The campaign will collect lunar gifts and old household appliances from over 100 properties and donate them to St. James' Settlement and Industrial Relations Institute. Waste paper from used red packets, "Hui Chun" and wrapping papers will also be collected for recycling. Proceeds from the sale of those waste paper will be donated to Hong Chi Association.

Dr. Lawrence Wong Tung-Kong, Principal Environmental Protection Officer said "With keen support from the industry, the Source Separation of Domestic Waste Programme has achieved encouraging results since its launch in 2005. Over 40 Sino housing estates have joined the Programme and set up waste separation facilities on each floor or on ground floor to collect waste paper, metals, plastics, old clothing, and electrical appliances in order to increase waste recovery; while 16 prizes were granted to Sino housing estates in the Competition on Source Separation of Domestic Waste 2006/07." Dr Wong continued, "To keep up the momentum, EPD is launching the source separation programme to commercial and industrial properties."

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