Sino Joins Shaolin Centre to Introduce Shaolin Martial Arts and Body Healing Exercise in Clubhouses

Sino Clubhouse under Sino Group pioneers to join hands with Hong Kong Shaolin Wushu Culture Centre to introduce the world famous Shaolin wushu (martial arts) and body healing exercise in Zen philosophy to clubhouses of Sino. Sino residents will be receiving traditional training by Shaolin masters right in their own estates!

Mr. Sunny Yeung, Associate Director of Sino Group said, "Shaolin wushu and health theory originating in Shongshan (Mount of Song) has a long history of over 1,500 years. The philosophy of striking a balance between Yin and Yan helps build a healthy body and mind. Therefore, Sino Clubhouse invites Shaolin Centre to introduce the genuine Shaolin wushu and body healing exercises to the clubhouses so that residents can experience an elevation in the body and soul."

Different courses are specially designed to cater for Sino residents of different ages. "Shaolin Basics 18 Styles" for youngsters will include Shaolin basic stances, postures, fist forms, Shaolin Basics 18 styles and Revolving fist. "Shaolin Body Healing Exercises" for adults cover Shaolin Basics and the famous Yi Jin Jing and Xian Sui Jing.

The initial launch will start in August in about 20 clubhouses including One SilverSea, Pacific Palisades, Hong Kong Gold Coast, Ocean View, Dynasty Height, Serenity Park, Grand Regentville, Avon Park, Regentville, The Waterside, etc., catering for over 1,000 residents. The courses will be extended to other clubhouses in phases.

Ms. Jeanette Tam, Executive Director of Hong Kong Shaolin Wushu Culture Centre said, "We are very glad to partner Sino to launch our courses in residential clubhouses. The territory-wide network of Sino Clubhouse allows an extensive promotion of the Shaolin culture which can benefit more people. The joint programme thus creates a win-win-win situation. Shaolin wins in promoting the Shaolin culture. Sino wins by offering high quality courses to its residents, and above all, the residents win by being able to receive the traditional Shaolin training on their doorsteps."

The wushu courses and body healing exercises for Sino Clubhouse will be different from those available in Tai O. With the extended courses which last for about 2 months, students can have a more gradual and in-depth understanding of the Shaolin culture. Course content will also favor training exercise at home for achieving better results. Upon completion of the clubhouse courses, students can consider taking advanced courses in Zen meditation in Shaolin style or weapon training like Shaolin staff."

Situated in Tai O on Lantau Island, Hong Kong Shaolin Wushu Culture Centre is the only establishment recognized by Songshan Shaolin Temple in Mainland China. With the land granted by HKSAR Government, the building of the Centre was sponsored by the charity fund of Hong Kong Jockey Club. It operates with the aim of nurturing discipline in wushu, promoting Shaolin culture and Zen philosophy. It also strives to achieve a status of balance and harmony in mind, body and society through a suitable blending of Zen and wushu.

Details of the training courses prepared by Shaolin Centre for Sino Clubhouse are as listed:
"Shaolin Basics 18 Styles"
Targets: Youngsters aged 7 – 20
Course: 8 sessions of 1.5 hour
Instructors: Master Liu, Master Wang
Content: Shaolin basic stances, postures, fist forms, Shaolin Basics 18 styles, Revolving fist, Shao Hung fist

"Shaolin Body Healing Exercises"
Targets: Adults
Course: 10 sessions of 1.5 hour
Instructors: Master Yongxin
Content: Shaolin in Basics, Yi Jin Jing, Xian Sui Jing

Sino Clubhouse serves with the aim of becoming the 'Second Home' of the residents. Apart from attentive service, spectacular activities are arranged. Apart from the year- round programme of over 100 items, special activities are tailor-made for the residents' exclusive enjoyment. Recently, Sino has partnered Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts - EXCEL to launch professional performing art training courses in clubhouses. The horse show which has been held at Hong Kong Gold Coast for the 3rd consecutive year is still the only horse activity held in local residence. The annual grand X'mas celebration party offers theme surprises each year which include inviting Santa Claus from Finland to join the celebration. 'Sino Football Star Selection' was organized last year to boost the World Cup fiesta. Eleven young football players were selected out of over 100 participants to undergo training with the Manchester United Soccer School. Upon completion of the programme, 2 elites have been nominated for a one-week training course in MUSS in the U.K this August.

Sino Clubhouse will continue to innovate and excel to add pride to our residents.

~ End ~