Sino Joins HKAPA-EXCEL to Launch Performance Art Courses in Clubhouses

Sino Clubhouse under Sino Group pioneers to join hands with Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts - EXCEL (HKAPA-EXCEL) to introduce their artistic training course into residential clubhouses. Sino residents can undergo professional training right in their own estates.

Mr. Sunny Yeung, Association Director of Sino Group said, "We are very excited about the partnership with HKAPA-EXCEL to extend their performing art courses to our clubhouses. Sino Group has been committed in promoting local art development. We believe that artistic education contributes one of the vital elements in quality education and effective education starts well at childhood. Training in performing arts not only helps better development of personality for children, but also benefits the adults on releasing pressure. Therefore, Sino Clubhouse especially teams up with HKAPA-EXCEL to provide residents with quality programmes by the professional tutors."

Unique courses such as Hawaiian Dance and Martial Arts Dance will be introduced in the HKAPA-EXCEL programme organized at Sino clubhouses. Other exciting courses include Belly Dance, Jazz Dance, Tap Dance, Flamenco Dance, Ballroom Dance and Latin American Dance as well as Musical Theatre Singing and musical theory training. A spectrum of courses will be offered by seasoned instructors to target male and female residents of all ages. Mr. Philip Soden, Association Director of the Academy said, "The Academy's EXCEL programme is determined to deliver outstanding and accessible courses to the general public, and our partnership with innovative leaders of Sino Group produces a win-win-win situation. HKAPA-EXCEL wins in fulfilling its mission to extend the reach of its courses. Sino wins by offering high quality courses to its residents, and above all, the residents win by enjoying an HKAPA-EXCEL arts experience on their doorsteps."

The training courses will be launched in phases starting in July. The first batch of Sino Clubhouses to run such programme include One SilverSea, Mount Beacon, TheMayfair, Pacific Palisades, Island Resort, Sky Horizon, Grand Palisades, Ocean View and The Grandiose. Mr. Philip Soden continues, "We will introduce over 20 different courses in the clubhouses. Given the territory-wide Sino Clubhouse network and with venue and management sponsored by Sino, HKAPA-EXCEL is given a lot of rooms for expansion of our programmes. HKAPA-EXCEL currently has about 7,500 students and is running about 400 classes. We expect a 5% growth in student number and a 10% growth in class number brought along by the partnership with Sino.

The HKAPA-EXCEL offers a lot of award-winning instructors. Their professionalism best guarantees the quality of the courses. Students may consider taking up more sophisticated courses with the Academy for their further development."

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