Sino Volunteers Visited Single Elderly Before the Dragon Boat Festival to Share Festive Joy

Elderly service has been the major emphasis of the Sino Volunteer Team. Every year, the team paid visit to the homes of the single elderly before the Dragon Boat Festival. In the past 3 years, over 100 elderly households were served. This year, the volunteer team brought along rice dumplings and fresh fruit to visit more than 40 households of single elderly in housing estates in Shek Kip Mei. Since many of the senior were refrained from participation in district activities due to poor health and difficulty in movement, they were overjoyed by the unexpected "visitors".

Sino Volunteer Team has run various programmes in elderly service which include painting of metal gates for single elderly before Chinese New Year, "Mooncake Speaks for My Heart" - the annual visit and celebration dinner as well as helping the relocation of elderly in old districts reconstruction programmes. Through providing assistance to the senior, we hope to share with them our care and respect.

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