SEML Joined City University to Train up New Blood in Property Management

This is the 4th year for Sino Estates Management Limited to join City University of Hong Kong to organise the summer internship programme for the undergraduates of Associate of Social Science in Leisure & Tourism Management. The 30 students were given a chance to gain practical experience in more than 10 large-scale SEML properties which include Island Resort, Pacific Palisades, Hong Kong Gold Coast, Dynasty Heights, etc.

The 160-hour programme covered a series of focused items like customer service, facilities management, cleaning, activities coordination, etc. Through participation in daily routine, the students are expected to have a more comprehensive understanding of the various aspects of the operation of Customer Service Centre and clubhouse. SEML has also assigned a number of experienced supervisors to be the mentors.

Mr Sunny Yeung, Associate Director of Sino Group said, 'We are glad to join The City University of Hong Kong again to run the summer internship this year. In fact, property and clubhouse management has gradually become a professional following the raised demand from customers and increasing emphasis on clubhouse by developers. By co-organizing the training programme, we hope to nurture more potential new blood for the market.'

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