Sino Volunteers Painted Homes for Single Elderly

Sino Volunteer Team under Sino Estates Management Limited painted the homes for over 30 single elderly before Chinese New Year hoping to provide them with a better environment for the festival.

The single elderly homes were scattered around several housing estates in Kwun Tong and Shek Kip Mei. Over 20 volunteer team members participated in the campaign. To make the work more efficient, technical staff were invited to support. The team spent a whole day to complete the task. Although it was a tiring job, when the team saw the thankful smiles of the elderly, all the tiredness was forgotten.

Mr Sunny Yeung, General Manager of SEML said, 'Since the founding of the Sino Volunteer Team in 2002, we have been actively involved in various community service. This time, by utilizing our specialty to paint the houses for the single elderly, we hope to share with them our care and concern before the Chinese New Year.'

~ End ~