SEML Seized the 3rd Time Championship in Cleaning Competition for Industrial Properties

Sino Estates Management Limited and Best Result Cleaning Services Limited under Sino Group were awarded the Championship in the '2005 Kwun Tong Cleaning Competition - Industrial Buildings Group' for the 3rd consecutive year.

Mr Hamlet Law, District General Manager of Kowloon Bay said, 'SEML has been committed in enhancing the service standard. Through participating in the competition, we not only can promote the importance of cleanliness maintenance, but also uplift our service standard by comparing with the other industry players. In fact, the 3rd time championship has best manifested our outstanding performance and our close working relationship with our contractor has contributed to the consistence of our service.'

The management service and hygienic environment of Sino properties are highly acclaimed. Special strategies will be set up in properties in different districts to cater for the varied environment. For example, during the scattered outbreak of avian influenza in 2005, SEML and Best Result have already implemented full range of precautionary measures in the properties for the protection of the customers' health.

Mr Law continued, 'Being awarded the championship for the 3 year has made Sino properties the role model in the district. The award serves as a strong driving force for our teams to move further ahead so as to provide our customers with the best quality service.'

~ End ~