Sino Group's Skyline Tower wins prestigious environmental award

Skyline Tower, a Grade A commercial building in Kowloon Bay, has received the "2008 Hong Kong Award for Environmental Excellence, Sectoral Awards – Property Management (Bronze Award)".

"The Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence" recognises organisations with comprehensive and outstanding environmental performance. Skyline Tower demonstrated excellence in the award's three assessment criteria, namely "Programme and Performance", "Partner Synergy" and "Green Leadership". It also achieved the "Wastewi$e Label" (Class of Excellence), "Energywi$e Label" (Class of Excellence) and "Indoor Air Quality Label" (Class of Good). Apart from Skyline Tower, other Sino properties received 26 "Wastewi$e Labels", 10 "Energywi$e Labels" and four "Indoor Air Quality Labels".

Mr Sunny Yeung, Executive Director of Sino Group and Head of Sino Property Services (SPS) said, "Skyline Tower is the pilot property for implementing the group's green initiatives. Its all-round green designs are complemented by its environmentally-aware property management team. SPS is committed to raising green awareness among staff and customers, who play a crucial role in the process. Keen support from tenants enabled Skyline Tower to collect 50 tons of paper and 20,000 aluminium cans in 2008. Various energy saving measures implemented reduced energy consumption by 5%."

Earlier this year Skyline Tower launched the pilot "Mission Green Top" initiative with the Hong Chi Association to organically cultivate plants and vegetables in a rooftop garden maintained by Hong Chi trainees. There is also a regular sale of the garden's harvest. Tenants are encouraged to visit the garden and share their gardening experience with the trainees, which helps to promote a greener environment in offices and skyscrapers, and also provides employment opportunities to people with intellectual disabilities.

Skyline Tower is one of the pilot buildings for the Environment Bureau's "Carbon Audit Guidelines". A series of measures have been launched to reduce the carbon emissions of the building. These include installing energy-saving equipment such as a water-cooled chiller system, LED lights in EXIT light boxes, shower water taps and a solar energy system. The outstanding green performance resulted in several accolades for Skyline Tower, namely the "Hong Kong Eco Business Award – Gold Award in Property Management" and the full set of the EMSD's "Hong Kong Energy Efficiency Registration Scheme for Buildings" certificates.

Mr Yeung added, "Determination and persistence are two vital factors for success in environmental protection. We will continue to support green projects of the government and various green groups for bettering our environment. Our participation in "Earth Hour 2009" will result in over 100 Sino properties turning off their lights for an hour to show our care to the environment. We hope to share the green message with our stakeholders. Together we can make a greener Hong Kong."

Award List for "Environmental Labels":

Wastewi$e Label Class of Excellence Skyline Tower, Yau Tong Industrial City, Empire Centre, China Hong Kong City, Dynasty Heights, Windsor Heights, Tsim Sha Tsui Centre, Olympian City2, Hong Kong Pacific Centre, Argyle Centre Phase 1, Island Resort, Ville de Jardin, Corporation Park, Technology Park, Grand Palisades
Class of Good Sino Plaza, 148 Electric Road, Pacific Plaza, The Centrium, Hollywood Centre, The Mayfair, Far East Finance Centre, Bowen's Lookout, Marina House, Cornell Centre, Leader Industrial Centre
Energywi$e Label Class of Excellence Skyline Tower
Class of Good Metro Centre ,Metro Centre II, Futura Plaza, Westley Square, Westin Centre, Remington Centre, Fullerton Centre, Sunshine Plaza, Sino Industrial Plaza
Indoor Air Quality Label Class of Good Skyline Tower, Pacific Palisades, Hong Kong Pacific Centre, Marina House

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