Sino Group joins hands with the South China Football Team to launch the "Sino South China Football Training Scheme 2010" A professional training to the new football stars

In collaboration with the South China Football Team, Sino Property Services (SPS) is launching the "Sino South China Football Training Scheme 2010" in 62 Sino Clubhouses. The professional South China Coaches Team will teach football skills to residents aged from five to fifteen. Trained students will be qualified to participate in the "Sino South China Cup" in August, and to compete for the Junior Football Campaign. Scheme ambassadors, well-known football players Mr Chan Siu Ki and Mr Lee Wai Lim will coach some lessons and undoubtedly enrich participants’ skills.

"Sino South China Football Training Scheme" will be divided into three stages with eight lessons in each. All lessons will be taught by professional coaches from South China Football Team, namely Mr Tsang Wai Chung, the Technical and Development Director plus Mr Ku Kam Fai, Mr Wong Man Wai, Mr Chan Bing On, Mr Chan Chi Hong and Mr Chan Chun Yu, the Youth Development Coaches Team, with Mr Ko Chi Chiu, the Goalkeeper Trainer. The training scheme will be categorised into U6, U10, U12 and U15 respectively. Lessons will be held on natural turf surfaces, Hong Kong Gold Coast or the artificial turf surfaces, South China Athletic Association. Students who finish their lessons will be granted official certificates from South China Football Club after each stage.

The scheme will be launched in Sino clubhouses including One SilverSea, Vision City, Mount Beacon, Hong Kong Gold Coast, Regentville, Ocean View, Pacific Palisades and Island Resort. Enrolment starts from today and the scheme will be held from February to August 2010.

The opening ceremony was held at Olympian City 2 this afternoon, officiated by Mr Spencer Foo, Deputy Head of SPS and General Manager of Sino Security Service and Mr Steven Lo, the Chairman of South China Athletic Association Football Management Committee, who also signed the partnership agreement.

Mr Spencer Foo said, "SPS is dedicated to promoting youth football development. We launched the 'Sino Clubhouse Future Soccer Star Selection' and the 'Hong Kong Gold Coast Youth Football League' in 2006 and 2008 respectively. This year, we are proudly collaborating with South China Football Club to launch this football training scheme for our valued Sino residents and offer professional training to new football stars."

Mr Steven Lo said, "South China will keep a close eye on the students in this scheme. Talented players may have the opportunity to join South China or Wan Chai South China youth team for long term training. We may even discover another football superstar like Chan Siu Ki or Lee Wai Lim."

SPS continuously upgrades its clubhouse services and facilities to make them a second home for residents. More than 200 clubhouse service ambassadors are devoted to organising more than 1,000 recreational activities in over 60 clubhouses. Activities include Sino Clubhouse Cantonese Opera Appreciation Programme by the Chinese Artists Association of Hong Kong, Shaolin martial arts courses, art courses with HKAPA-EXCEL and the Sino Clubhouse Future Soccer Star Selection. SPS also introduced the "Sino Clubhouse Academy" to provide professional training to clubhouse staff and exceed customer expectations.

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