Sino Group's Lake Silver and Citywalk clinch two gold awards in "Best Landscape Award 2010"

Sino Group and its subsidiary Sino Property Services took two gold awards and eight merit awards in LCSD’s “Best Landscape Award for Private Property Development 2010”. Among the accolades, Lake Silver, a collaboration between Sino Land and the MTR Corporation, won the gold award in Soft Landscape Design Award; while Citywalk, jointly developed by Sino Land and Urban Renewal Authority, received the gold award in Horticultural Maintenance Award. These awards confirm Sino’s efforts to bring harmony with nature and enrich the living environment. From the planning and development stages of a property to ongoing landscape maintenance, Sino Group offers quality greening features to residents.

Organised by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD), the event recognises and awards properties with outstanding landscape design and horticultural maintenance. Below are the highlights of Sino’s two gold-award winning properties:

Lake Silver
(Soft Landscape Design Award – Large Scale Residential Property: Properties up to 10 years of age)
  • A large tranquil lagoon stands as a central feature and ties together the residential towers, the clubhouse, the various landscape areas and the jewel-like function houses;

  • The vertical green systems and green roofs at various levels of the landscape garden maximize the planting area to over 4200 sq m with 70+ plant species and over 400 trees;

  • The landscape design emphasizes environmental sustainability and energy conservation through rain water harvest system and use of natural light and ventilation by introducing series of open courtyards, pocket gardens and semi-enclosed areas throughout the clubhouse;

  • A greenhouse in the development promotes the joy of gardening;

  • The planting palette consists of Osmanthus fragrans, Phoenix canariensis, Podocarpus macrophyllus, and fruit bearing trees such as Punica granatum, Magnifera indica and Averroa carmbola providing a verdant landscape filled with fragrance and colour.

  • City Walk
    (Horticultural Maintenance Award – Non-residential Property: Properties up to 10 years of age)
  • Located underneath the residential blocks of Vision City, the 300,000 sq ft Citywalk is Hong Kong's first ever green shopping mall, which integrates shopping the experience with nature;
  • Built 50 ft above the ground, the 8,000 sq ft Vertical Garden at Citywalk is the first and largest of its kind in Hong Kong. Ferns growing on the Vertical Garden are natural heat insulators, they reduce ambient temperatures, provide thermal insulation, acoustical control and purify the air;
  • Citywalk's 40,000 sq ft open piazza with landscaped water features provides ample space for leisure and enhances shopper comfort.

  • "Horticulture is crucial to the premium ambiance of Sino properties. Our gardens are all designed by master horticulturalists from around the world and are maintained by professional horticultural teams. The choice of plants varies with the seasons to harmonise with the environment. Most importantly, at the Sino Horticultural Academy, Sino staff learns the latest horticultural trends and techniques. We are committed to offering a perfect horticultural environment to residents," said Mr. Sunny Yeung, Executive Director of Sino Group.

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