Sino Green Academy – Students' Green Ambassador Programme
encourages secondary school students to promote a low-carbon future

In response to the government's promotion of carbon audits, Sino Property Services (SPS) are taking the lead in partnering with four secondary schools to organise the Sino Green Academy – Students' Green Ambassador Programme. More than 60 students have participated in the programme. SPS's very own Green Ambassadors acted as mentors to the students, who conducted carbon audits at four green Sino Group properties and proposed suggestions for further improvements.

The programme's graduation ceremony was held this afternoon at Skyline Tower, Kowloon Bay. The event was officiated by Mr. Roy Tang, Deputy Secretary for the Environment, Mr. Frank Chan, Deputy Director of the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD), Dr. Rebecca Lee, renowned environmental conservationist, and Ms Lai Yuen Mei, Marketing & Customer Service Director of Community Recycling Co-op. The officiating guests presented participants with the Student Green Ambassador Certificate at the ceremony.

The participating secondary schools are SKH Tang Shiu Kin Secondary School, Rosaryhill School, Ng Yuk Secondary School and HKTA Tang Hin Memorial Secondary School. The five-day (about 30 hours in total) programme paired the students with four Sino "green" properties, namely, Skyline Tower, Sino Plaza, Exchange Tower and Hong Kong Pacific Centre. Other than conducting carbon audits, the students also learnt about green property management practices, visited green social enterprises and attended seminars on climate change and eco conservation. At the end of the programme, the students presented their environmental proposals, tailor-made for their paired buildings, to a panel of experts to compete for the programme awards.

Mr. Sunny Yeung, Executive Director of Sino Group and Head of Sino Property Services, said, "Sino Property Services is very much committed to promoting environmentally friendly practices. In 2007 we were one of the first 37 Carbon Audit ? Green Partners to adopt the Environmental Protection Department's (EPD) carbon audit guidelines. Last year, with the support of EPD and EMSD, we launched the Sino Green Academy and trained 100 property managers. They are now our Green Ambassadors who share their green knowledge and experience with fellow students, and take the green message to our tenants' offices and conduct carbon audits. From our staff to our tenants, and to the next generation, we hope to pass the message that green is everybody's business!"

Mr. Roy Tang, Deputy Secretary for the Environment said, "The response to the Carbon Audit guidelines introduced by the government has been very positive. Through this programme, Sino Property Services has also encouraged its tenants to learn about and participate in carbon audits, which will definitely help promote environmental protection and reduce emissions. We hope that in the future, more corporations will support and implement carbon audits to reduce energy usage for a low-carbon Hong Kong."

Mr. Frank Chan, Deputy Director of the EMSD said, "Effective teaching by Sino Property Services Green Ambassadors, hands-on experience, data collection and other activities ensure these young students understand the objectives of carbon audits. At the same time, they also help tenants realise how simple the carbon audit process is, and how it can help to lower our energy usage and reduce operating costs in the long run."

Students from HKTA Tang Hin Memorial Secondary School walked off with three titles: Champion, Most Creative Green Proposal and Best Proposal Presentation. The thrilled students said, "It was an eye-opening experience to learn about the latest green practices of large corporations and to conduct carbon audits. The process of collecting data, interviewing tenants, and analysis really helped us understand how we can reduce carbon emissions."

Their award-winning proposal "Ride to Green" was designed for the Hong Kong Pacific Centre. The proposal suggested that exercycles linked with electricity generators be installed in the rooftop garden of the building. Tenants would be encouraged to ride the exercycles and help generate electricity while exercising. The management team of Hong Kong Pacific Centre is studying the proposal, which will be implemented at the end of the year.

"This is certainly a good start. We hope to have more schools and green groups to join us and become our green partners. By bringing the important message of environmental protection and emission reduction to the community, we will eventually make green practices second nature for everyone." said Mr. Yeung.

~ End ~