Sino Group sponsors more than one hundred underprivileged children to enjoy the Joy of Music and Dance Series from ‘Art in Hong Kong'

To foster art appreciation in the community, Sino Group’s ‘Art in Hong Kong’ invited 120 underprivileged children to participate in a program of The Joy of Music and Dance Series from ‘Art in Hong Kong’. The children experienced the joy of art appreciation by playing interactive musical games with more than 20 volunteers from Sino Group as well as enjoying the music and dance performances.

After the Christmas performance by a Choir of 100 last December, The Joy of Music and Dance Series from Sino’s ‘Art in Hong Kong’ debuts this year with two spectacular dance performances from EXCEL of Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts—‘Dance through the History of Hong Kong’ and ‘Kids’ Jazz Dance’. Besides the performances, more than a hundred underprivileged children enjoyed the special interactive session—‘Let’s Dance’, in which the participants learned impromptu jazz steps from HKAPA instructors. The volunteers from Sino Caring Friends also played a game with the children to train their sense of rhythm and awarded each of them a gift bag of stationeries for their new academic year.

Sino Group has been actively involved in various volunteer services, community programs and fundraising activities, and has cooperated, on a regular basis, with numerous social welfare organizations to support those in need. The service hours of the volunteer team exceeded 40,000 last year.