Sino Properties clinches sixty-six awards in EPD's Competition on Source Separation of Domestic Waste

Sino Property Services (SPS) has long been dedicated to promoting environmental protection and launching various green activities at its managed properties. This year, SPS received 66 awards in EPD's Competition on Source Separation of Domestic Waste 2009/10. Among the accolades, The Villa Horizon received both the “Diamond Award” and the "Award for Enhancement”. Meanwhile, SPS has also clinched four awards in the "Source Separation Programme for Commercial and Industrial Waste", including a Gold Award. These awards reflect the effectiveness of the environmental management policies adopted by SPS.

“We have introduced various innovative facilities and programmes to our properties which have led to a dramatic increase in the total recyclables and enhanced environmental awareness of residents. This year, by cooperating with environmental organisations, a number of Sino Group residential properties have organised large-scale recycling activities. To contribute to waste recycling, we will also install the Environmental Protection Department’s newly designed source separation recycling bins in Sino-managed shopping malls by end of 2010," said Mr Kwan Chi Wah, General Manager of SPS, at the award ceremony.

SPS has been actively promoting environmental protection policies. In terms of hardware, it has introduced water-cooled central air conditioning systems, T5 energy saving fluorescent tubes, compact fluorescent lamps and LED exit light boxes in various properties to reduce energy consumption. In terms of software, SPS launched the ‘’Mission Green Top” and “Mission Green Thumb” programmes with Hong Chi Association at its prime commercial buildings to promote green awareness among tenants. SPS also places strong value in environmental education. In 2008 it launched the Sino Green Academy to train up 100 property managers as the Group’s Green Ambassadors. These graduates then acted as mentors to student ambassadors to conduct carbon audits for Sino Group properties. To staff, customers, and the next generation, SPS conveys the message that green is everybody's business.

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