Sino carparks electric vehicle charging service expands fourfold in three months
First customer – BMW’s latest electric car, MINI E

(14 October, Hong Kong) Sino Property Services (SPS) strongly supports the use of environmentally-friendly vehicles. After the first launch of electric vehicle charging stations in July this year, another 13 SPS-managed carparks in commercial and residential properties will install electric vehicle chargers and offer a free charging service. The total number of carparks with chargers installed has grown nearly fourfold to a total of 18 stations in just three months (please refer to the attached table).

Building a greener Hong Kong by expanding electric vehcle charging service
The electric chargers inside the carpark of Skyline Tower are in service from today. Herman Fung, Director and General Manager of Sino Parking Services Limited, Vivian Lau Lee-kwan, JP, Deputy Secretary for the Environment, Edwin Lau, MH, Director of FoE (HK) jointly officiated at the launching of the electric vehicle chargers. They plugged the power source of the electric car into the socket of electric vehicle chargers, bringing green power to Hong Kong motorists.

Herman Fung said, ”Supporting the government and society’s quest for a greener Hong Kong, Sino Parking encourages the use of environmentally-friendly electric vehicles. We first installed electric vehicle chargers inside 18 flagship properties, while all our new projects will also install electric vehicle chargers. We hope the expansion of charging service will promote the use of electric vehicles in society.”

BMW's MINI E becomes the first customer
SPS has invited BMW’s latest electric car the MINI E, which is making its first Hong Kong visit, to be the special guest of the kick-off ceremony. Joining us in promoting green transport, the MINI E became the very first customer of Skyline Tower's charging station.

Herman explained the charging concept while demonstrating the charging procedures, ”The electric vehicle chargers installed in Sino carparks all adhere to the safety guidelines of the Government and EMSD. The chargers are compatible with the standard plug in electric cars. A complete charging cycle takes time, however, most of the electric vehicle chargers are now installed in the carparks of shopping malls. We have therefore installed the new chargers in commercial and residential properties to cope with expanding market demand.”

To promote the use of environmentally-friendly electrical vehicles, SPS has offered a 40%-off discount on hourly parking and allocated priority parking spaces in its 13 flagship carparks for environmentally-friendly cars since 2009. This year, SPS is taking part in the “Take A Brake” Programme which is organised by Friends of the Earth (HK), in which staff is trained to adopt low carbon driving habits. To staff, customers, and the next generation, SPS conveys the message that green is everybody's business.

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