Sino Property Services serves the community with paint and love

As part of Sino Group, Sino Property Services (SPS) encourages its staff and customers to serve the community together. Over the past two Saturdays in December, SPS-managed clubhouses staged the “Paint for Love” event to extend a helping hand to the city's underprivileged. On December 4, a team of 60 visited single elderly people in Sham Shui Po. On December 4 they held a drawing competition on the rooftop garden of Skyline Tower. The drawings recorded memorable moments of the visit while the event itself added another special memory when participants were given the chance to draw freely on a piece of grassland among the commercial buildings.

Participants at the “Paint for Love” event included 33 Sino residents and 27 staff from SPS-managed clubhouses. The youngest participant was only three years old. They first visited elderly people living at Lei Cheng Uk Estate and So Uk Estate and gave them gift bags with scarves and snacks to spread the warmth of the festive season. After the visit, participants joined the elderly at Caritas Cheng Shing Fung District Elderly Centre (Shamshuipo) for a handicraft workshop.

The second part of the “Paint for Love” event was a drawing competition on the rooftop garden of Skyline Tower where 60 participants drew memorable moments of the previous week's visit. The panel of judges included the General Manager (Leasing) of Sino Group Rita Li, Premium Living and Clubhouse Assistant General Manager of Sino Property Services Rebecca Ho, Director, Government Relations of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Ernest Chan, Chief Executive Officer of Agency for Volunteer Service Chung Woon Fan Flora, and Social Work Supervisor of Caritas Hong Kong-Service for the Elderly Yu Mei Yuk Doris. They selected the best two pictures by families and individual participants.

Rita Li, General Manager (Leasing) of Sino Group, said, “Sino clubhouses organises over 1,000 activities for our residents every year. We hope families can build a closer relationship while serving the community through these activities.”

Participants at the “Paint for Love” event said that the activities reminded them to value everything they have, and it was fun to draw on the rooftop of a commercial property for the first time.

As a socially responsible corporation, SPS contributes to the community with love and care. Last year Skyline Tower launched the pilot "Mission Green Top" initiative with the Hong Chi Association to organically cultivate plants and vegetables in a rooftop garden maintained by Hong Chi trainees. Regular sales of the garden's harvest are held and tenants are encouraged to visit the garden and share their gardening experience with the trainees. The project helps to promote a greener environment in office towers, and also provides employment opportunities to people with intellectual disabilities. SPS has been awarded with the 5 Years Plus Caring Company logo since 2007, which recognises its continuous efforts in society.