Sino carparks electric vehicle charging stations reaches 107 in number
Green transport powered by convenient facilities

In echo to the Environment Bureau’s new initiative, Sino Property Services actively develops facilities for green transport. Over 50 carparks (including commercial and residential) managed by Sino Property Services have installed a total of 107 electric vehicle charging stations, providing free charging service to customers (see attached table).

Sunny Yeung, Executive Director of Sino Group and Head of Sino Property Services, said, “An extensive network of charging stations is essential in promoting electric vehicles to the public. Charging stations were first installed in Sino’s flagship shopping malls and commercial properties last year, followed by the extension to other commercial and residential properties. We target to further extend the service to all our carparks by end of this year.”

Sunny Yeung added, “Besides the provision of charging service in our carpaks, Sino Group has already purchased 2 electric cars, making us one of the green transport users.”

To promote the use of environmentally-friendly electrical vehicles, Sino Property Services has offered a 40%-off discount on hourly parking and allocated priority parking spaces in its 13 flagship carparks for environmentally-friendly cars since 2009. This year, Sino Group took part in the Take A “Brake” Low Carbon Action – Corporate Green Driving Award Scheme organised by Friends of the Earth (HK), in which Sino Group was awarded with the Gold Tier certificate for a reduction of over 5% in fuel consumption among the company car fleet.

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