Sino Property Services volunteers and SAGE bring handmade dumplings to elderly folk living alone

Sino Property Services Volunteers joined over 20 elderly members of the Hong Kong Society for the Aged (SAGE) to make 400 rice dumplings before the Dragon Boat Festival. The dumplings together with fruit and gifts were then presented to the elderly people of SAGE's Elderly Centres and those living alone in the neighbourhood.

The hearty dumplings were made from a healthy recipe, which included red rice, oats and red beans added to the sticky rice, and they were also seasoned to suit elderly tastes. During the dumpling making class, volunteers had a "Creative Dumpling Making Competition", which was a fun experience for all.

"This was my first time! Fortunately I got help from experienced masters. It was really a meaningful experience and the class enabled us to share and talk with the elderly participants." said Teresa Chan, a Sino Property Services Volunteer who also brought six family members to the event.

Mrs Lam, an elderly member of SAGE, not only taught the volunteers how to make the dumplings, but was also the dumpling quality controller. "Every year I make over 100 dumplings for my friends and family. It is delightful to have all these creative and energetic young people come and help with this meaningful cause."

The Sino Property Services Volunteer Team has been actively supporting elderly people in the community. Other programmes include reinstalling new metal gates prior to the Lunar New Year and visiting the elderly under the "Mooncake Speaks for My Heart" programme prior to the Mid-Autumn Festival.

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