Sino Group's Skyline Tower earns prestigious environmental award

Demonstrating excellence in “Programme and Performance“, “Partner Synergy” and “Green Leadership”, Skyline Tower once again received the “2010 Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence, Sectoral Awards (Property Management) – Silver Award”. Six other properties, namely Exchange Tower, One SilverSea, Island Resort, Pacific Palisades, Gold Coast Piazza and Mount Beacon clinched the “2010 Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence, Sectoral Awards (Property Management) – Certificate of Merit”. Sino properties also received 48 “Wastewi$e Labels”, 4 “Energywi$e Labels”, 12 “IAQwi$e Labels” and 1 Carbon”Less” Certificate (please refer to the attached ).

Skyline Tower’s all-round green designs are complemented by its environmentally-aware property management team. The property is also one of the pilot buildings for the Environment Bureau's "Carbon Audit Guidelines". A series of measures have been launched to reduce the carbon emissions of the building. These include installing energy-saving equipment such as a water-cooled chiller system, LED lights in EXIT light boxes, shower water taps and a solar energy system. In terms of software, a number of green projects were launched at Skyline Tower. In 2009, Skyline Tower launched the pilot “Mission Green Top” initiative with the Hong Chi Association (HCA) to organically cultivate plants and vegetables in a rooftop garden maintained by Hong Chi trainees. Regular sales of the garden’s harvest are held. The project not only promotes a greener environment in office towers, but also provides employment opportunities to people with intellectual disabilities, and therefore won the “Partnership Project Award” of “Caring Company” organized by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service. Last year, SPS and HCA collaborated again and launched a new seedling adoption programme, “Mission Green Thumb”. Through the programme, tenants are entitled to adopt and name a seedling for the year for every donation of HK$100 in the name of an individual or company. The adopted seedlings are then taken care of by HCA trainees who would also share their organic farming skills with the tenants.

SPS constantly develops green initiatives, including the Students’ Green Ambassador Programme, in which SPS's Green Ambassadors acted as mentors to help students conduct carbon audits at four green properties; the recycling of used cooking oil into biodiesel was also promoted. For residential buildings, the company implemented source separation on domestic waste and installed energy-saving T5 fluorescent tubes.

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