SPS clinches two awards on "Construction Safety Day"

Sino Property Services (SPS), the management services arm of Sino Group, is delighted to announce that Hong Kong Pacific Centre, one of the buildings under its management, has been awarded ‘Construction Safety Day – Best Property Management Company in OSH’ organised by the Occupational Safety and Health Council thanks to its stringent safety management system and comprehensive training. In addition, SPS was also awarded the ‘Best Presentation Award – Bronze Award’ with representatives of SPS sharing the experience of promoting occupational safety and tips of working at height through an interesting yet inspiring role play in the Construction Safety Forum and Award Presentation on the same day.

Mr Kwan Chi Wah, General Manager of SPS, says, ‘We place heavy emphasis on our people’s occupational safety and health (OSH). Training courses have been tailored and taught by our internal safety manager who is a safety consultant accredited by Occupational Safety & Health Council. One of the courses, the ‘Green Card Course’, is delivered to every frontline staff member, including people in property management, security services, cleaning services and parking services business, to enhance their awareness towards occupational safety.’

The Sino Safety Academy was launched in 2008, offering a wide spectrum of training courses covering various areas of management services:
  • Green Card Course: Sino Estates Management Limited (SEML) became the first sizable private property management company accredited by the Labour Department for running its own Construction Industry Safety Training Certificate. An average of 10,000 training hours is recorded every year and 1,602 staff members have already completed the course;
  • 42-hour Safety Supervisor Training Course: this is an advanced class tailored for engineers and technicians, with a focus on safety awareness in daily work, on-site inspections and training. Two hundred staff members from the maintenance division are trained a year;
  • Confined Spaces Safety Training Course: SEML is also the first private sizable company in the sector which is accredited by the Labour Department to run this course. It aims at enhancing supervision over contractors’ safety practices. One hundred and forty engineers have been trained to date.

  • For effective implementation of occupational safety policies, a safety committee consisting of the management, safety managers and 19 safety inspectors has been set up. The committee is responsible for planning and monitoring every procedure of occupational safety practices.

    Mr Kwan adds, ‘Apart from internal training, monitoring and promotion for occupational safety, customers and residents’ safety is of high importance to us as well. For example, besides being a pioneer building of OSH, Hong Kong Pacific Centre is also a one-stop medical centre with five floors equipped with automatic external defibrillator, on-site first-aiders on every floor, and cleaning staff who are professionally trained to properly dispose of medical waste.’

    ‘We believe that employees, customers and the company will all benefit from comprehensive and continuous training, systematic monitoring and widespread promotion for OSH,’ concludes Mr Kwan.