With a passion for superior service and a deep commitment to consistently exceed customer expectations,
Sino Property Services (SPS) has earned a reputation as a leader in providing comprehensive property management services in Hong Kong. We proudly serve your daily needs in the areas of property management, security, parking, cleaning, building maintenance, landscaping and premium lifestyle services. Our ability to tailor and integrate these services to meet your individual requirements has distinguished us in the industry. We also garner respect for our high quality standards and singular focus on caring for our valued customers.

Four pillars of core services
Within the corporate structure of SPS, there are four pillars that represent our core services – Sino Estates Management Limited, Sino Security Services Limited, Sino Parking Services Limited and Best Result Environmental Services Limited. Each company operates independently, but together with our 6,500 staff they provide tailor-made management expertise to more than 190 properties totaling over 50 million square feet in Hong Kong. Our portfolio is as diverse as it is impressive, covering not only residential, commercial and industrial properties, but also clubhouses and shopping malls.

Strong support from Sino Group
As part of Sino Group, our name carries prominence and credibility. Sino Group is one of the leading property companies in Hong Kong and a blue chip stock listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. With the support of the Group, we are able to draw on their tremendous resources and management expertise quickly and expediently. This adds greater reliability, quality assurance and service excellence, translating into enhanced value for you.